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Customized assistance

Step 1

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Step 1: Contact us


Fill out our free request form online. A personal advisor will contact you within 48 hours to discuss your request and will offer you the corresponding services that will best meet your needs.

At the end of this first step your advisor will give you a first free estimate of the time and cost or your medical trip.

You will be assigned a personal space. This secure area will allow you, during the process, to store and exchange all relevant information with your adviser and practitioners.

Step 2: Create your medical record


Once your needs and preferences identified, you can create your medical file in your personal space. This secured file will contain all the medical information necessary for your assistance and support (radiography, analysis results, blood type, medical questionnaire…).

Your personal adviser will be at your disposal to assist you in creating your folder and completing the required informations.

Your medical record is and will remain strictly confidential. Only consulted medical staff will have access to this information.


Step 3: Introducing the practitioner(s)


At this stage, your file will be forwarded to our network of practitioners. One or more physicians will contact you for a first consultation and define the best medical options for you.

You will be able to ask all the questions you want about the proposed procedure and your future treatment.

At your request, we will also provide you with all the information about the identified institution in order to facilitate your decision.

You make the final decision of choosing the establishment, the practitioner and the medical procedure .

Step 4: Proposal and acceptance of quote


Subsequently, your advisor will establish a customized quote with all the services related to your hospitalization and your stay. At this stage you will still be free to cancel or postpone your medical trip free of charge.

Once the quote is accepted, our teams begin organizing your stay and you will be asked to set a first deposit equal to 50% of the total amount of services .(reversed)

Depending on the chosen options, we will send you, via your personal space or by mail, the documents and information related to the organization of your travel (airline ticket, hotel voucher etc….)

The proposed rate is fixed. No extra charge shall be required for the services mentioned in the quote. You can still order new services during your stay.

Step 5: Medical travel


Until your arrival in France, your personal consultant will be in contact with you, will advise you and ensure that you are well prepared for the day of your departure (clothing, papers and documents to bring,…..)

Depending on what you have chosen, assistance with administrative procedures and the acquisition of your visa can be also provided.

The day of your arrival, your advisor will welcome you at the airport and will accompany you to your hotel or to the clinic.

Transportation between the airport, the clinic and your hotel can be done by using a medical car or an ambulance if necessary.

Step 6: Admission and treatment


At your admission, you will meet the specialist you have chosen. They will re-explain the procedure and discuss all its aspects with you. If necessary, they will ask for pre-operative tests.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed and the tests carried out, your medical procedure will begin. Depending on the type and the severity of the intervention, the practitioner will determine the recovery time in the clinic. You will then be installed in a private room with all the comfort you need.

Your advisor will be able to accompany you at every stage of your stay at the clinic to ensure the translation between you and the medical team.

Step 7: Recovery period


After leaving the clinic, you can stay in France during your recovery time.

Depending on your tastes and your desires, you can visit major touristic attractions, benefit from fitness care or simply discover the flavors of French cuisine in the best restaurants of the region.

At your request, your advisor will propose and organize activities that meet your expectations and those of your family. We will take care of everything and the cost of these services will be added to your account balance.

Step 8: Journey back and follow-up


Back home, a post-operative follow-up, ranging from 2 to 6 months depending on the medical procedure, will be carried out by the practitioner. You can also benefit from fitness and nutrition advice to facilitate your recovery.

You will be asked to pay the balance of your account within 10 days of your return.

When you will make this final payment, a copy of your medical record as well as a summary invoice will be delivered to you.