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You no longer have to wait for months to get an appointment with a doctor for a second medical opinion or an answer to your questions. FAME Santé puts at your disposal an online medical consultation service. By phone, via webcam or by email on your secure personal space, you will have the opportunity to consult with the best medical experts in France. 
Registered with the French National Order of Doctors, experienced and respectful of the Medical Code of Ethics, our specialists are dedicated to your health. Make an appointment today!  


What is the Tele-expertise? Medicine entered a new digital era offering a wide range of services based on innovative technologies for diagnosis and treatment. Digital image, among others, has many advantages including the international sharing ability in a matter of seconds, preserving a high quality of definition. This technology has created a new medical practice: tele-expertise. 

Benefits of Tele-expertise:

  • Simplicity: Easy access to highly qualified specialists in the best delay 
  • Agility: Second opinion or assessment of your problem by a relevant expert
  • Saving time and Reactivity: choose yourself  the day and time that suits you the best
  • Confidentiality: Strict respect of your data confidentiality, because only your doctor assigned by FAME Santé has access to your medical data via our secured platform
  • Flexibility: flexible service and quality are guaranteed