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Why France ?

France is well-known for its number one healthcare system in the world




Known by World Health Organization as a country with the best healthcare system in the world, France has built its leadership in this sector on the high quality of care and expertise of its doctors. All of them have an excellent education and are registered with the French National Order of Doctors. The latter controls actively the career progress of all practitioners and ensures their strict compliance with the code of medical ethics.


Moreover, as a historically major actor in the development of modern medicine, France invests massively in research and medical innovation, in order to offer patients the best treatments and the most advanced technologies. The country intends to remain a key contributor in constant progress of world medicine.



The high quality and reactivity of the French healthcare system make it one of the most efficients in the world:


More than 2 600 healthcare facilities and nearly 350,000 practitioners provide daily diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of patients on French soil. This dense network allows relatively small waiting time for a visit, even with the greatest specialists. Source: Panorama of health care facilities - 2013; DREES, SAE 2010-2011 data)

Reception conditions are also excellent: comfort, hygiene and safety are priorities and all the establishments comply with drastic European norms.



All French medical institutions must meet the high requirements of the French High authority of health on the quality of care in order to obtain their accreditation (quality label). Health care is monitored very closely, especially for the fight against hospital-based infections, which are the subject of an annually published ranking, under the supervision of the ECDC.



Ensuring the best quality of care, the French health care system is still affordable and less expensive than a large number of countries such as the United States or Canada. The best care at the best price is therefore possible in France.


Finally, the French healthcare system offers access to the best care for all. And this openness is not just exclusive to the French population! Because, contrary to preconceived ideas, the French healthcare system is open beyond national borders: foreign residents living in France and patients from all over the world are already benefiting from the excellence of the French healthcare facilities... Why not you?


France is as well an exceptional tourist destination


With a new record of 83 million foreign tourists welcomed in 2012 (source DGCIS), France confirms its position as the first world tourist destination. An attractiveness out of range, based on the renown of Paris as an international capital of culture and a romantic city, but also by a rare wealth throughout the territory comprising not less than 38 world heritage sites of UNESCO.


France offers a wide range of activities and pleasures: cultural visits, seaside destinations, wine regions, mountains and country sides, winter sport resorts, historical sites, fashion and shopping, gastronomy, green tourism, picturesque villages, etc. All the delights for all tastes and the guarantee of unforgettable memories!


All easily accessible, thanks to a solid and varied transportation system: beyond many international airports over the territory, the French developed and modern rail system will allow you to reach a multitude of destinations.