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Our strengths

Your satisfaction and security are our primary concern. To that end, we are committed to respect a strict code of ethics that we also impose on all partners who share our vision.


FAME Santé is fully committed to:


Highest-quality at all levels and from all our partners


We choose all our partners on the basis of very strict criteria, following our strict guidelines in terms of quality, flexibility, professionalism, and listening. We engage to regularly monitor their activities, assess their seriousness and verify their compliance with our standards of excellence.

Health facilities we work with are all certified and accredited by the High Authority of Health, French equivalent of the Joint Commission. They use the newest technologies; provide the best quality of care and excellent services:  hygiene, safety and comfort!

Our physician partners are systematically registered with the French National Order of Doctors and comply with the Medical Code of Ethics.  They are nationally or even internationally known. Experienced, committed and passionate, they ensure the steady improvement of their knowledge and skills: continuing education, assessment of professional practices, clinical studies, scientific publications, etc. 

Our service providers are selected on the basis of their quality of service, their greeting, their price/quality leverage, their comfort, their professionalism and the assessment of their clients. Thus, FAME Santé makes you benefit from tourist establishments (hotels, restaurants, etc.) and service providers (interpreters, taxis, tourist guides, etc.) of merit.


Maximum reactivity in any circumstance


FAME Santé and its team are committed to treat your request as fast as possible to define quickly the options that may work for you. We do our best to maintain the highest level of responsiveness and optimal adaptability throughout the process, from planning your trip to assisting you during your stay.


Strict respect of confidentiality


With our secure platform, FAME Santé is fully committed to respect the confidentiality of any information that you may transmit to us. They will be used only for administrative purposes by our dedicated team. As to your medical record, it will be strictly confidential: only the medical staff and/or the person responsible for your medical care will have access to this information.


We are ready to answer all your questions. Contact us now and share your needs. Our team is at your disposal and will make its best to get back to you as fast as possible!