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Badis H, 42 years, Tripoli, Lebanon “Advised by a friend, I decided to bring my mother to France for her medical treatment. I wanted the best for her. After comparing a few agencies, I decided to trust FAME. Therefore in September 2012,  I came to France with my mother and children. The day of our arrival at the airport, our consultant Helen was waiting for us to drive us to our hotel. ...


Will my insurance pay for my medical care?

There are different types of insurance. Feel free to ask your company if you're covered abroad and whether the intervention or treatement you are looking for are included in your contract.

Will my government refund my medical expenses?

Check with your local authorities because the reimbursement of medical expenses is not guaranteed in all countries . If necessary, we will give you a translated copy of your medical file and your invoice in the language of your choice.

When should I pay?

Once you accept the quote and confirm your wish to proceed with the preparations, 50% upfront payment is required. 30% of the total amount should be paid 15 days before arrival and the due amount within 10 days from the final invoice date.

Five Myths About Medical Tourism

14/12/2016 - 0 Comments - Back to news

According to the latest report of Jean Kervasdoué made public last February, medical tourism represents the outstanding lever of growth that could create a € 2 billion revenue and 30,000 jobs in France within just 5 years.

FAME Santé is the leader in medical travel organization in France. It has long been on a mission to promote the excellence of French medicine abroad and contribute to the development of medical tourism in France.

Horisis Conseil a consulting structure that for over a decade has developed expertise in the health sector, assisting healthcare facilities that want to improve their performance and increase their revenue.

Horisis Conseil is associated with FAME santé to demystify the fears about medical tourism and introduce you the wide range of benefits for France.


1- Medical Tourism is limited to health care "comfort"

Contrary to popular belief, this market is not limited to health care "comfort", such as cosmetic surgery, dental care or hair transplant.

From simple medical check up to coronary by-pass surgery, from the simple ophthalmologic consultation to the knee prosthesis and renal transplant, Medical tourism now contribute to all healthcare sectors and includes all specialties.


2- Medical tourists seek "low cost"

Although cost is a criterion of choice invariable, it isn’t the primary motivation for the majority of patients who travel abroad for treatment.

According to the McKinsey report (May 2008), 40% of medical tourists seek the most advanced technologies, 32% travel for better care, 15% for shorter waiting times than in their countries of origin and only 13 % for the "low cost" procedures.


3- Medical tourists are VIP in the Middle East seeking preferential treatment

Only 1% of foreign patients who come to France are VIPs Although not necessarily very wealthy, medical tourists from around the world choose France for the quality of its care, high proficiency of medical practitioners and benefits that it offers and cannot be found in their home countries.


4- Reception of foreign patients penalizes insured French people

Some fear that foreign patients will take their place and are therefore favored over French patients.

It is a mistake, there are ways to allow the reception of more foreign patients without penalizing the insured French people : optimization of the organization processes of health institutions, international pricing etc.

On the other hand, revenue excluding social security gives to institutions and their employees some freedom of development and significant financial comfort; it represents a real lever for investment and job creation. Moreover, it can have a major impact on foreign trade and the image of France abroad, as well as its prestigious sectors (tourism, luxury, aeronautics ...).


5- Medical tourists are not paying their care

Medical tourists don’t even pay themselves their care, they are supported by their State, their insurance company or employer that guarantee the payment of bills.

Сoncerning patients without covering theirs expenses by third party, they cannot come to France without paying medical fees.

Finally, it is important to know that all medical tourists pay at least 30% more than French insured for the same quality of care.


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